The luminous presence of Masiero at I Saloni Worldwide – Moscow 2015

At I Saloni Worldwide Crocus Expo in Moscow, October 14 to 17 2015, Masiero is presenting its new products and the technological evolution of many collections in a 150 sq m booth that combines luxury, glitz, sparkles, exclusivity, tradition and innovation


The display area will be set up in museum style with cases showing the individual creations off to the full. In these spaces, for the CLASSICA collection, two new lines (ROSEMARY and NUARÈ) will be presented and three iconic products (Acantia, Antika and Galà) will be reinterpreted with new finishes; for the ECLETTICA collection, three new lines will be displayed (RIPPLE, MABELL and VIRGO), together with EVA and OLÀ iconic lights with new finishes and innovative technologies; for the MASIERO LUXURY collection, the new products will be presenting with a spectacular high impact in a total black context.
MASIERO LUXURY is the Masiero Group division set up to satisfy and delight a particular elite of customers looking for lighting combining top quality materials with the precious all-Italian work of craftsmen.
The stand and lights themselves are dominated by black in all its declinations and gradations, from smoke grey to gun metal grey and from silver to black nickel.

There will be showcased:
– GLIM: a collection of splendid eco-leather chandeliers embellished by thousands of finely set Swarovski crystals is presented here in a sumptuous black leather version;
– IMPERIAL: the opulent chandelier with galvanised black nickel finish is covered with precious Swarovski Silver Night pendants. Presented in a special version, it is accompanied by a table lamp with the same finish;
– GLOBE: resting on a frame with silver bath finish, the elements and spheres of the chandelier are made from ultra-light smoke grey blown glass combined with Swarovski crystals;
– ETERNITY is a sumptuous chandelier with arms with silver bath finish, black Marquina marble inserts and padded eco-leather lamp shades. The chandelier is accompanied by an exclusive table lamp also with padded lamp shade.

The reception and negotiation area will be lit by elegant GRACE suspensions in Bassano porcelain set with Swarovski crystals.

Enrico Maria Masiero, the company’s sole administrator, explains: ”In Masiero Luxury, price objectives come second to aesthetic considerations. We transform light into priceless timeless works of art by selecting materials for their beauty. We are talking to the world of excellence, of sartorial elegance and customisation, of dedicated colours and forms and of the work of craftsmen using fine materials. In presenting our company at this edition of I Saloni Worldwide, we have chosen to present the elegance and opulence of our chandeliers by dressing them as for an exclusive gala in numerous different shades of the most elegant colour par excellence”.

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Fondato nel 1981 da Paolo Masiero e Marilena Pellizzato, il Gruppo Emme Pi Light – Masiero è uno dei leader nel settore dell’illuminazione decorativa d’alta gamma. Con sede a Casale sul Sile, in provincia di Treviso, Masiero è presente con le sue collezioni di prodotti sui mercati nazionali e internazionali, negli showroom di maggior prestigio e nei principali negozi dedicati all’illuminazione. Dopo aver creato un’articolata rete di distribuzione e di vendita per i mercati esteri, l’azienda è presente dal 2005 sul mercato italiano con tre collezioni, Emme Pi Light Classica, Eclettica e Ottocento, in grado di differenziare e arricchire l’intera gamma

Ufficio Stampa MASIERO Silvia Profili T. +39 348 4739215 M.