Founded in 1981 by Paolo Masiero and Marilena Pellizzato, Masiero is a leading company in the top-range decorative lighting market. The Headquarters at Casale sul Sile, a few kilometers from Venice, house both commercial and executive offices as well as production and storage. Tradition and innovation merge in MASIERO philosophy, creating designs of huge artistic value, exclusively and proudly made in Italy. MASIERO has become a reference brand, present in all international markets, displayed in the best showrooms all around the world.

Emme Pi Light – Masiero produces mostly on commission for foreign markets. The “tailor made” production is the strength of the company, which develops internally every step, from design to production, with a state of the hart workshop and painting department.
The target markets are North and South America, Australia, Middle East, Russia and Eastern Europe.
The new managing director Enrico Maria Masiero restructures the company, developing an innovative approach to production and creating new style lines, expanding also the target market.
Launching of the MASIERO brand that incorporates all the different collections of products.
Developing of a new distribution network, with high-level agencies and representative offices. Three new collections are born to differentiate and enhance the product range: CLASSICA, ECLETTICA and OTTOCENTO.
MASIERO Group achieves the ISO 9001 international certification.
The Headquarters gets larger with new offices and a showroom in an area of over 1200 square meters. The contract sector develops to meet the needs of style, modeling and customization of each client, following the philosophy of “tailor made”. The company starts sport sponsorships with Top Sailing Team.
MASIERO establishes as a global benchmark for high-level lighting, especially on markets such as Russia, Ukraina, Middle East and the emerging South America, China and the Far East. Enrico Maria Masiero founds MASIERO LUXURY a company focused on that niche market, with exclusive craftsmanship and top quality materials.
The company acquires new shares in the international markets and consolidates its position in Italy. A partnership is set up with MODULNOVA, an important company in the furniture business, with a showroom in the center of Milan, where MASIERO creations fit in prestigious contexts, where everything is exclusively made in Italy.

The brand MASIERO incorporates three different collections called CLASSICA, ECLETTICA and OTTOCENTO, with different features and well defined targets on specific markets. All creations comes from the experience of MASIERO “craftsmen of light”. In-house designers and external studies ideas meet the skilled hands of over 40 professionals who care for each piece, from the metal frame production to components assembly and electrical testing, from painting to decorative finishing, with the same passion that is driving MASIERO through over 30 years. Each MASIERO product is a valuable, elegant and absolutely exclusive piece of art, fully embracing the philosophy of “tailoring of light.”

Over the years MASIERO has evolved with the use of new materials like wood, methacrylate or Bassano ceramics. Innovative aesthetic parameters have been introduced, with more modern and advanced forms, but with a simple language, able to preserve a strong connection with classical roots and history. The creations are born from matter processed and turned into art: iron, brass and steel frames, silk organza, Shantung Le Bock, Ponge and polyester for lampshades, Asfour crystal, Bohemia and glittering Swarovski for the pendants.

The common sense for the ideal solution, it’s not the “classic” or the “contemporary” standard but the way imagination combines different elements generating a new mould-breaker style. The creations of the CLASSICA collection can be placed in an antique environment, creating an homogeneous style, or in a contemporary context, breaking the symmetry. Classic models with updated themes: glass beads and plated metal frames with silk organza lampshades, precious gold and chrome plating finishes, decorated glass for a warm and welcoming light effect. Geometric pendants and jewels, elegant metal manufacturing, solid brass decorations, Asfour crystal, Bohemian and Swarovski chains, delicate ceramic applications, harmoniously combined to create a brand new and unique results.

Played on a definitely modern style, with the search for new concepts, ECLETTICA has the ambition to act as a borderline collection, without interfering with the classic style that is link to all the rest of the production. An abstract language that foresees new trends, played on contrasts and weaves of different materials. Intriguing and fascinating modernity goes together with any environment with a strong communicative, breaking with the traditional furniture schemes. A vital role is played by partnerships with groups of young designers, like Fly Design Studio and Crepax Zanon, Manuel Vivian, Studio Eggs and Cambi-Scatena-Turini. This collection is MASIERO gate to the future, thanks to the creation of objects with a distinct decorative function, able to stand out with a highly evolved design and with the usage of new materials such as polyurethane, polycarbonates and aluminum.

Beauty becomes timeless, from Venetian-style lamps to design objects with bright creations that combine the monumental grandeur with fanciful shapes, new colors and crystal drops, becoming the focus point of the room where they are placed. No longer just a source of light, but a true work of art at the center of an aristocratic mansion, a contemporary space, or a luxury hotel. The OTTOCENTO collection is rich and wide-ranging, including timeless Maria Teresa models, Impero style creations, impressive crystals chains, solid brass lamps and appliques, traditional Venetian glass, magnificent Bohemian crystal chandeliers. Each model shown in the catalog is a unique handmade creation, and can be customized to suit individual requirements regarding size, materials and colors.

Safe as a common indoor lamp, the magnificent Venetian style chandelier in this brand new collection takes all the beauty of the artistic lighting outside its traditional tenets – out of classical style halls and lavish ballrooms – to enter gardens, swimming pool surrounds and summer terraces. Made up of suspensions, wall lights and table and floor lamps, this new line uses a combination of glass, polycarbonate and glass fibre reinforced nylon to attain a protection class of IP65 and long lasting durability. The collection is named after the revolutionary DRYLIGHT® technology guaranteeing strength and impermeability in all outdoor applications. The mastery of Masiero has created a collection of stunning outdoor chandeliers and lamps in classical style, available in a range of colours designed to create unique and spectacular light effects. The DRYLIGHT® collection is highly efficient, thanks to its low energy lighting system using low voltage lamps or RGB LEDs.

Personalization is one of MASIERO strengths. A high-quality “custom made” that allows to make modifications on catalog products, but also to meet specific customer needs with the creation of lights on a specific design. Thirty years experience and the extraordinary creativity of MASIERO craftsman drive to the creation of exclusive and unique works of art. Some examples of customized projects are the creations for the Birmingham Hampton Manor Hotel in the UK, the lighting for Milan Taveggia Coffè in Italy, the Kyoto Wedding Mall Nakamura in Japan, the Cologne Medical Center in Germany, the Sochi Parus Hotel in Russia, and many others.

Over the years MASIERO efforts in terms of marketing and communication has acquired a strategic importance, so that investments reach about 10% of turnover. The constant presence at the main international trade fairs (The Arcshow in London, Euroluce in Milan, Light & Building in Frankfurt, Crocus in Moscow, Index in Dubai) and many pages dedicated to Masiero creations on the most important magazines, are the keystones of a strategy which tends to strengthen the MASIERO brand and its image within markets. The use of electronic technologies, the Internet and the social networks as channels for the diffusion of the business philosophy, are high potential tools, and it’s vital to go on investing on them.