Masiero Middle East opens the doors

Masiero commercial branch in Abu Dhabi has been officially inaugurated.


Masiero commercial branch in Abu Dhabi was officially inaugurated on June 6th.
Along with Dubai, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates is the financial hub and investment landmark of the whole area of ​​the Middle East and Southwest Pacific.
The President Mr Paolo Masiero and the CEO Mr Enrico Maria Masiero, cut the ribbon in the office located within the Abu Dhabi Business City, entrusting its management to the Branch Managing Director Tiziana Greco, formerly Masiero exports manager.
«Our production is recognized as an excellence in the decorative lighting market,» said Mr Paolo Masiero «and the demanding markets of the Middle East deserve a direct presence of the company, which guarantees an efficient and prompt response to customer needs.»
Abu Dhabi is also a leading hub of the whole region and represents for Masiero the starting point for the conquest of the Southwest Pacific and the Far East
«For nearly two years, our sales to China, India, Vietnam and Japan are experiencing an exponential growth and the new MASIERO MIDDLE EAST branch will allow us to have a more accurate presence and a better coverage of the territory.»
The turnover of Masiero is represented for approximately 82% by exportation towards 72 different countries and this area is now the 12.5% ​​of total sales, and aims for a 30% increase by the end of 2016.

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Fondato nel 1981 da Paolo Masiero e Marilena Pellizzato, il Gruppo Emme Pi Light – Masiero è uno dei leader nel settore dell’illuminazione decorativa d’alta gamma. Con sede a Casale sul Sile, in provincia di Treviso, Masiero è presente con le sue collezioni di prodotti sui mercati nazionali e internazionali, negli showroom di maggior prestigio e nei principali negozi dedicati all’illuminazione. Dopo aver creato un’articolata rete di distribuzione e di vendita per i mercati esteri, l’azienda è presente dal 2005 sul mercato italiano con tre collezioni, Emme Pi Light Classica, Eclettica e Ottocento, in grado di differenziare e arricchire l’intera gamma

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