You don’t change a winning team! Masiero repeats its collaboration with Benjamin Bouchet

Masiero and the Parisian photographer together again for the 2014 advertising campaign


Masiero, the leader in decorative lighting, has used the Parisian photographer Benjamin Bouchet  for its new 2014 advertising campaign. Bouchet, who is the photographer behind the award-winning campaigns of Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Thierry Mugler, Hermès and Replay, has already helped Masiero create a successful campaign.


We worked with Benjamin Bouchet two years ago. He has a unique sense of image and is able to create contemporary yet timeless beauty, just like Masiero,” explains Enrico Maria Masiero, the company’s CEO.

“Our 2012 campaign proved a great success in terms of market position and brand recognition. Bouchet’s highly original images accurately conveyed our ‘suspended in time’ slogan, which serves as the basis for our product styling and as the theme for our corporate communications. Since you don’t change a winning team, we wanted to repeat this collaboration. So we set Benjamin Bouchet a new challenge: to find a way of interpreting that same slogan in a way that is both new and consistent with our corporate philosophy.”


Bouchet accepted the challenge and demonstrated his talent by creating a series of images or visions that capture and preserve perfectly magical moments featuring Masiero’s elegant suspensions in time and space. The stars of the new campaign are three chandeliers that represent Masiero’s Eclettica Collection in very different ways: EVA, the most iconic model in the series; LIBE, with its emphasis on oak wood, Swarovski crystals and LED lights; and BOTERO, the company’s current best-seller.


Under the artistic direction of the Argine advertising agency, the Bouchet has portrayed these three top Masiero products in a highly unconventional manner, eliciting surprise and therefore focusing attention clearly on the chandeliers and their characteristics. The photographs crystallise three different moments of breathtaking balance in time and space, involving Masiero’s incredible suspensions.


With these three campaign images, to be used in Italy and internationally, Masiero courageously explores the philosophical limits of the very concept of time, and examines its suspension and its absence through dramatic equilibrium. The advertising campaign also includes three YouTube video clips by Omar Sartor revealing the ingenious backstage planning for photographing this magical equilibrium at the exactly the right instant. The videos bring to life the bright ideas and fascinating mechanical preparations, as well as the movement and action before the moment captured in each image.

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Fondato nel 1981 da Paolo Masiero e Marilena Pellizzato, il Gruppo Emme Pi Light – Masiero è uno dei leader nel settore dell’illuminazione decorativa d’alta gamma. Con sede a Casale sul Sile, in provincia di Treviso, Masiero è presente con le sue collezioni di prodotti sui mercati nazionali e internazionali, negli showroom di maggior prestigio e nei principali negozi dedicati all’illuminazione. Dopo aver creato un’articolata rete di distribuzione e di vendita per i mercati esteri, l’azienda è presente dal 2005 sul mercato italiano con tre collezioni, Emme Pi Light Classica, Eclettica e Ottocento, in grado di differenziare e arricchire l’intera gamma

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